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GEODESY COURSE -----------> Pay Per View version
This version is for those who have irregular schedules or are located overseas.
PROS: Same material, lower price, take when you can
CONS: No handouts, no live interaction, no questions answered, no extra materials
What do I need for this?
- A computer with good web connection

Rent any session US$24.95
G1 - Trigonometry Refresher
G2 - Coordinate Systems / Transformations
G3 - Least Squares Concepts
G4 - Geoids
G5 - Ellipsoids
G6 - GPS
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Are there any prerequisites?
- There are none, just bring your wish to learn
- Everyone will get a lot out of this course
What if I miss a session?
- No danger of that. Just rent any session for 24 hours.
G7 - Precision and Accuracy
G8 - Projection Concepts
G9 - Projections math
G10 - Horizontal Datums
G11 - Vertical Datums
G12 - PLSS & GIS
G13 - LiDAR